Earthquake shakes up West Bengal and Bihar


Siliguri: The areas of Siliguri and Jalpaiguri were once again shaken up by fresh tremors on Monday evening around 6 pm. Tremors were felt at the areas of Lake Town and adjoining areas of Siliguri. The quake measured 6.6 in the Richter scale. It has not been an hour before the previous jolt was felt. Naturally, the fresh tremors have undoubtedly instilled a strong sense of fear among the residents of that area.

Tremors were reported in certain areas of Maldah even. People have come out of their houses and have taken the streets out of fear. People of Sikkim have even come out of their homes in fear and anxiety. The children of the families have are panic stricken in the area. As of now, the exact amount of damage created by the fresh quake has not yet been assesed. Apart from North Bengal, tremors were felt at certain areas of Northern India and Bihar as well.

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