Fresh Clash Erupts In Birbhum Centering 2nd Phase Nomination, 1 Killed


Suri: Birbhum turned into a battleground after fresh clash reported centering second phase nomination filing on Monday. As per report a political worker lost his life in this clash.

Reportedly, the second phase of nomination submission started on Monday morning and this triggered a fresh clash in Suri, Block no.1 of Birbhum district.

According to local sources, the BJP candidates went to submit their nomination forming a rally. While the procession was moving to submit the nomination form a bomb was thrown targeting the rally.

This triggered the clash and after a short while the area turned into a battleground. Both the parties TMC and the Saffron brigade started attacking each other and the conflict spread in the entire area. A political activist is said to be killed in this clash. Though the identity of the person is yet to be unfold.

On the other side Babul Supriyo tweeted targeting the opposition party TMC while he was stopped on the way by the police from entering West Bardhaman on Monday morning.

There was also report that Union Minister Babul Supriyo was allegedly stopped from entering the Barabani block office in Asansol. The Union Minister was accompanying a BJP candidate who was filing his nomination for the upcoming Panchayat polls.

Moments after the minister was denied entry, another incident of violence was reported in Asansol. Suspected TMC supporters have reportedly attacked an independent candidate outside BDO office.

Babul Supriyo said to national media, “There is wide-scale violence going on in this area, as per the High Court, today was the day that was announced for the filing of any additional nomination. While I was taking them to the office, TMC goons stopped our cars, they were lying on the floor till the nomination filing time was over. As soon as the time got over they got up and left”.

With only a few days left for the West Bengal Panchayat polls, reports of fresh violence have surfaced from another part of the State, as workers of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Trinamool Congress (TMC) lashed in the State’s Birbhum district.

As per reports, the violence took place while the nominations for the Panchayat polls were being filed.

The BJP has claimed that one of its supporters died and many others were injured during the clashes. The party has also filed a complaint on the incident.

The TMC, however, has denied all allegations and said that there have been no ‘intimidatory tactics’ from the party.

The opposition parties in West Bengal have accused the TMC of “letting loose a reign of terror” to prevent their candidates from filing nominations.

A senior TMC leader has denied all charges and said that the opposition is trying to disrupt peace in other parts of the state.

The polls dates are yet to be announced by the State Election Commission. Earlier the election was scheduled to take place on 1,3 and 5 May.