‘Freedom Struggle Intensified After Modi Raised Baloch Issue’


Varanasi: Baloch nationalist leader Naela Quadri on Sunday hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for highlighting the plight of people in Balochistan, where she alleged that Pakistan army was involved in “genocide” for the past 70 years with the help of China.

“Balochistan is fighting for its freedom but Pakistan army with support of China is committing genocide on innocent people to suppress our freedom movement,” Quadri said.

“We have been facing the atrocities from the past 70 years but the world came to know when Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the issue,” she said.

She praised Modi for highlighting the plight of people of Balochistan.

“He has become our hero, the hero of Balochistan, because it is for the first time that the issue has received such attention,” she said.
“Pakistan army has crossed all the limits. They rape our women and girls and even take the organs after killing the people,” she said, adding “for even small matter, there is bombardment in our region.”

She said, the freedom struggle in Balochistan has intensified after getting the moral support from India.

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