Freedom Fighter Somra Orao Passes Away At 110


Balurghat: Freedom fighter Somra Orao passed away on Thursday after fighting for eighteen long days.

Somra Orao passed away at the age of 110 at 3:25 pm on Thursday. He was under treatment at the Balurghat district hospital’s CCU from April 1.

Somra Orao was the only freedom fighter alive who was the adivasi member of ‘Bharat Charo Andolan’. She was suffering from age-related issues for several days.

According to the hospital, he was admitted to the hospital by his grandson Dilip Orao on April 1 for breathing problems and blood pressure related problems. He was under treatment of Dr. Sukanta Manna at the hospital’s CCU. In the last few days,  his condition deteriorated.

In 1942, several people stood strong against the Britons in the ‘Bharat Charo Andolan’ at Parilahat, which is almost 25 kilometer away. On that day, people responded to Somra Orao’s call and assembled with bows and arrows to save the motherland. Maximum of those who fought against the Britons were Adivasis.

During this fight, 4 were martyred by fires shot by Britons. 20 were left injured. Somra Orao also had bullet injuries in his leg. After India became independent, the Indian government honoured him.

Reporting: Shankar Das