‘Free Hug’ Campaign Launched In Delhi


New Delhi: The Congress workers launched a free hug campaign in Delhi’s Connaught
Place on Tuesday.

This came days after Congress president Rahul Gandhi gave a hug to Prime Minister
Narendra Modi during the discussion on no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha on July
20. During the campaign, around 50 workers were seen holding placards and banners
with slogans ‘remove enmity, save country’ and pictures of Rahul hugging Prime
Minister Modi. The party workers were also seem hugging people who gathered to see
what was happening in the area.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Delhi Congress worker Aniruddh Sharma, who was leading
the campaign, said, “Our aim is to spread message – ‘remove hatred, save country’.
A hug is a way of spreading love. But we also tell people that the idea of India
lies in the fact that people from different religions should respect each other’s
faith and live in harmony.” He added that Rahul hugged Prime Minister Modi to
spread the message of love and compassion. “We are taking his (Rahul) message
forward,” Sharma said.

The Delhi Congress is also planning to take the campaign forward by holding more
such gatherings at the city’s Metro stations, and to promote it on social media as