Freak Accident In Kolkata’s NRS Hospital Injures 4


Kolkata: A freak accident in Kolkata’s Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College and Hospital on Tuesday injured 4 people one of whom is reportedly critical.

As per reports, a chunk from the 6th floor cornice of Hospital’s UNB building collapsed and fell on four people sleeping beneath around 08:30 pm. The injured have been identified as Mukhtar Mondal (45), Muhammad Maidul (35), Marjina Bibi (30) and Akhtarul Sheikh (48).

The injured all resident of Murshidabad, have been rushed to the hospital and three of them are said to be stable while Akhtarul Sheikh’s condition is critical and he has been operated upon.

The victims were asleep outside the UNB building as one of their relative is undergoping treatement in the hospital. Three fire engines have been rushed to the spot.

Although, the Mamata Banerjee government has advertised a major revamp in he health sector and announced the opening of night shelter, patient’s relatives have been forced to spend night in the open as the infrastructure is inadequate.

Meanwhile, highlighting the quantum of negligence previling in the medical institutes, the oxygen vent in the orthopedic department of Kolkata Medical College and Hospital broke down during an operation zeopardizing the patient’s life.

On the other hand, earlier reports of a fire in the NRS circulated in media, which were later found to be false.