France Paves The Way For 1st Sex Doll Brothel, Dismisses Its Closure

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Paris: France’s first sex doll brothel has been saved from closure after ultra-left councillors claimed it would fuel rape fantasies. Such was the staunchness of the opposition to the plans, a police investigation was carried out at the company in Paris’ 14th district.

But the socialist deputy mayor of the city dismissed the complaints as a waste of council time, paving the way for XDolls to open for business. Bruno Julliard, the deputy mayor of the city, told the issue was ‘far removed from town hall business’.

A source at the interior ministry also confirmed the police investigation, and said: ‘They checked to see if it caused public disorder and on the face of it, that is not the case. Everything is in order. There are no complaints from neighbours yet.’

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Protesters had called for the firm to be shut down, with angry critics branding it a ‘degrading’ place that fuels rape fantasies. Councillors had been set to decide the future of Xdolls – which opened in the heart of the French capital last month – at a meeting this week, according to Le Parisien.

But it appears the decision never made it to the council’s agenda after Mr Julliard’s dismissal. Housed in a non-descript flat in the city, the business is officially registered as a games centre.

But its critics argue that it is actually a brothel – which are illegal to own or operate in France. Customers are charged €89 (£78) for an hour with one of three silicone sex dolls – Kim, Lily and Sophia, all made in China and worth several thousand euros – in one of the three available rooms.They are only told the exact address after booking a session and paying for it online.
Owner Joachim Lousquy told the newspaper that Xdolls attracts mostly men, although some couples do visit. Mr Lousquay, who claims his neighbours aren’t aware of the nature of the business, insists the dolls are sex toys and not degrading to women.

But Nicolas Bonnet Oulaldj, a communist councillor, disagrees. He and others called for the ban on Xdolls because it is run like a brothel and over concerns that abusive and degrading experiences with the dolls may lead to such encounters with real women.

Lorraine Questiaux, a spokesperson for a Paris feminist association called Mouvement du Nid (Nest Movement), also wants Xdolls to be closed.

‘Xdolls is not a sex shop. It’s a place that generates money and where you rape a woman,’ she told Le Parisien. She added it was important to shut it down, noting that ‘86,000 women are raped in France every year’.

Pierre Laurent, the national secretary of the Communist Party, told VSD that some of the sex dolls can lead to thoughts of sex with children because of their small size.