‘Fox Jallikattu’ In Salem, Forest Officials Watch On


Chennai: Villagers of Chinnamanaickenpalayam near Salem organized a an event which bears resemblance to Jallikattu. Only this time, the fox replaced the bull. In a shocking turn of events, forest officials allowed the event to take place, thereby witnessing the whole fiasco. Foxes come under the Wildlife Protection Act. The officials even  tied the animal’s mouth to prevent it from biting the participants

The event, dubbed as ‘fox Jallikattu’, is conducted every year on the day of ‘Kaanum Pongal’ at various places in Salem district.

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On Wednesday, the villagers brought the fox in front of a temple and worshipped it. The animal was garlanded with flowers. Then the hind leg of the fox was tied with a thin rope while villagers participating in the ‘fox Jallikattu’ chased the animal trying to catch it, according to A Suresh Balan, one of the organisers of the event.

He said the fox will be released into the forest.