Four weeks allotted to State Govt by HC


Kolkata: Regarding the barbaric torture of the woman at Parui, the state government falls in the firing line of the Calcutta High Court. A time span of four weeks have been given to the state government to take appropriate action against the accused policemen. A suo moto case was filed at the court on monday, which had its hearing at the division bench of Chief Justice Manjulla Chellur today.

The family members of the victim were present at the court today. The court has directed the Birbhum CMOHs to take proper care of the woman and also asked them to take all the required support from the state government.

The division bench of Manjulla Chellur has shown its annoyance on knowing the responsibility of investigation of the case has been invested on the additional police super of Birbhum. The court has also said that it would closely inspect on the measures taken by the state government in the allotted four weeks. At the end of four weeks , if the court feels the required steps have not been taken by the state government, it would interfere into the case.

On the other hand, one of the policemen involved in the incident, Kartick Mohan Ghosh has already been suspended by the state government.