Four More Firecrackers Banned In State


Kolkata: After inspecting the pollution level of firecrackers at the Tala park, the Kolkata police and fire services banned four firecrackers on Monday. According to the administration, the ban is based on the high sound levels emitted from bursting the crackers.

The sound of firecrackers has been set to 125 decibel while selling them in other states, whereas it is 90 decibel in case of Kolkata. The testing of the crackers at Tala park before the Kali Puja were performed before the Kolkata Police fire department, the State Pollution Control Board and bomb squad officials.

In this test, four crackers crossed the sound limit of 90 decibel and hence the authorities had to ban it. The four crackers are cell baji, a type of rocket, star utsav and noise-making tubri. Seven crackers have got the green nod to be sold at the market in the occasion of the upcoming Diwali/Kali puja. Till date, 101 crackers were banned from being sold in the state. These four crackers now get added to the list.

An official of the Kolkata Police Reserve Force Soumya Roy said, “Crackers from five companies were tested. The clearance for the selling of four crackers in the market has been withheld. If those are sold and burst, then legal actions will be taken.”

The official of the State Pollution Control Board Biplabh Baidya said, “Those crackers which has a sound limit of 90 decibel and after bursting could move to atleast 5 metres, have been given the clearance.”