Former Model Join Kurdish Troops To Fight IS


Damascus: Former Canadian model Hanna Bohman gave up a glamorous life of photo shoots to join Kurdish troops in their fight Islamic State in Syria. She told RT that the biggest problem is Turkey supporting the terrorists.

“Turkey supports ISIS. We know it firsthand. It doesn’t seem to get a lot of press coverage in the West – and it’s a shame because it’s better to deal with the problem now than wait until it gets big and almost out of control in the future,” Bohman, 47, also known as Tiger Sun, told RT.

“Right now the biggest problem isn’t so much as ISIS, it’s Turkey supporting ISIS”, she noted, adding that “Erdogan wants to create an Islamic state – he wants to be the sultan.”

“The worst thing isn’t what everyone assumes – the killing and the dead bodies. The worst thing is seeing the Kurdish soldiers. They’re young – 17, 18, 19. They’re kids. They are giving their whole lives for this. It’s not like a volunteer going to another country to fight. They are volunteering in their own country. So they really don’t have a choice. They either fight or they end up getting killed anyways. At least they die fighting instead of dying hiding,” Bohman stressed.

“It’s incredibly unfair that they have to deal with the problem that the West created.” Bohman joined the Kurdish troops battling IS in Syria in March last year and stayed with them for four months. She said there were as many as 300 other volunteers – from South America, Europe, Russia, China and Australia. Joining the Kurdish fighters wasn’t difficult, she said.

“I tried to make contact through a Facebook page, they gave me instructions, told me how to get there to avoid Turkey, which city to go to, and things like that.”