Former IAF Man Was ‘ISI Mole’ in Pathankt: Source


New Delhi: More than 80 hours after terrorists attacked the Pathankot air base, the fighting has finally come to an end. According to sources, a former Indian Air Force officer is being held responsible for the Pathankot airbase attack.

Sources claim that Airman Sunil Kumar who was based in Pathankot was arrested for passing information about the air base to a Pakistani woman in 2014. His e-mails to the Pakistani woman – Meena Raina – led to his arrest.

Sunil was being paid for the information he passed on to the Pakistani woman. However, the investigators did not file a chargesheet against him within the stipulated time.

In the last two months, 14 people linked to the armed forces have been arrested for spying. They allegedly leaked information about the Army base in Gwalior, Air Force stations in Bathinda and Jaisalmer in return for jobs or money.

Meanwhile, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar confirmed that all six terrorists involved in the Pathankot attack have been killed. Parrikar said combing operations are still taking place in Pathankot and are only likely to be called off on Wednesday.

Source: IBN