Former Footballer Harassed By Trinamool Workers


Howrah: Mohunbagan’s former footballer Satyabrata Bhowmik has been allegedly harassed by Trinamool members, said sources. Satyabrata Bhowmik’s elder brother got into controversy with his neighbors regarding construction of a road beside their house.

According to sources, Trinamool workers had beaten the former footballer’s elder brother to deal with the Construction matter. It is also been alleged that Trinamool workers made the brother stand in front of the Trinamool’s Bally Office for long hours. After this Minister Rajeev Banerjee called up Satyabrata Bhowmik and complained to him. Later the Trinamool workers went to the home of the footballer and harassed him and pushed him. They made him ask for forgiveness at the party office.

Although rejecting the allegations of the harassment, Trinamool Leader Parimal Chakraborty said, Satyabrata Bhowmik came to the office in a drunken state.