Former CPM MP Beaten, Anger Ignited In Nalhati


Suri: Birbhum came to an fiery situation regarding upcoming Panchayat Election on Thursday. Allegedly former CPM MLA Ramchandra Dom has been beaten by TMC supported miscreants in Nalhati.

He is a member of central committee of CPM. So it has sparked chaos among the political concerns. State CPM camp has criticised such unfortunate incident. Though TMC did not respond on this.

মনোনয়নের অশান্তিতে মাথা ফাটল রামচন্দ্র ডোমের

CPM claimed, party leader and worker was leading a procession towards Nalhati block-1 to collect the nominations led by Ramchandra Dom. Birbhum district General Secretary of CPM Manasa Hansda said, it is a conspiracy of TMC.