Forest Dept Searching For ‘Magic’ To Resolve Tiger Issue


Kolkata: Remember the character of Kali Shankar played by Ajay Devgan in the movie ‘Kaal’ that released back in 2005? Kali Shankar was vested with ‘magical’ powers with which he could easily tame wild tigers of Jim Corbett National Wildlife Park.

Now with the Royal Bengal Tiger remaining elusive for a month in the forests of Lalgarh, the state Forest department is looking forward to similar ‘magic’ to capture the tiger. “We are even ready to take help from a common man who will be ready to capture the tiger that has been eluding in the forests of Lalgarh. We have no knowledge of any such person or persons who is an expert in capturing tigers but if somebody can provide us with the contact of such a person, we are ready to take up his assistance,” a senior official of the state Forest department said.

The state Forest department had used drones, trained elephants and tranquilising teams and now they are using sniffer dogs to locate the elusive tiger, the stripes of which were captured in a camera trap at Lalgarh on March 2.