Forensic Team Inspects Bagri Market


Kolkata: The forensic team visited the Bagri market on Thursday for inspection.
They went inside the market four days after the fire broke out last Saturday.

The forensic team will collect samples and send for examination. On receiving the
reports, the exact reason for the fire will be found out. Accusations of sabotage
are being raised. The main report will clear out all allegations.

A cctv footage of when the fire broke out, has been obtained by the Kolkata Police.
According to the police, on examining the footage, two youths ran away from the
spot soon after the fire broke out. Two more people on motor bikes were found
fleeing from the spot. Questions are being raised that who are they? Do they have
any connection to the Bagri market fire?

The police are working hard to find these men. Questions are also being raised as
to what were they doing at late night outside Bagri market? Why did they run away
in a particular manner after the fire broke out? If they would have been locals,
they could not have run away like that and would have joined hands in dousing the
flames. The police are working on these missing links. It is being assumed that
much of these complications will get solved after the police gets the forensic