Foreign Countries Soon To Taste Traditional ‘Joynagarer Moa’

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Kolkata: Joynagarer moa, that is, moa (a type of sweet roasted-rice-based ball) from Joynagar, is a traditional favourite among Bengalis. It is available only during the winter season, when the ingredients are available. Now, with the help of the State Government, this traditional sweetmeat is going to be exported.

Being unique to Joynagar in South 24 Parganas district, the sweetmeat got a geographical indication (GI) tag, for which process the Bengal Government had played an active part.

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Over the last few years, this unique sweet is being widely marketed. Significantly, it is available in the Biswa Bangla Stores at the airports, as a result of which foreign tourists too have got a taste of it, and have appreciated it as well.

This goodwill would now be put to good use, as packets of moa are going to be exported.

Packets would also be more widely available in the state, in shopping malls, departmental stores and big sweet shops.