I Am Forced To Delete Tweet On Arundhati Roy: Paresh Rawal


New Delhi: Veteran actor and BJP lawmaker Paresh Rawal alleged on Wednesday that he was coerced into deleting a controversial tweet targeting author Arundhati Roy by Twitter.

He also strongly defended the tweet, which was criticized by many. Yesterday, singer Abhijeet’s account was suspended over his offensive posts, especially those targeting women. After that, his colleague Sonu Nigam announced that he was also quitting the microblogging site.

In a statement this evening, Mr Rawal said, “With this letter, I inform to all my supporters and citizens of this country that I am being coerced to delete something I tweeted on May 21, or else Twitter would block my account.”

The Lok Sabha parliamentarian from Gujarat also declared, “I Paresh Rawal, citizen of India, continue to defend my tweet and support my expression which was made without any prejudice to gender, race, religion or caste. More importantly, I maintain that I ardently love my country and support my country unwaveringly, I stand by and will continue to stand by the citizens and Indian armed forces under any situation and at any cost.”

In his tweet on Sunday, Mr Rawal had commented that Arundhati Roy should be tied to an army jeep, a reference to the incident last month of the army in Kashmir strapping a protester to its vehicle as a “human shield” against stone-throwers. “Instead of tying stone pelter on the army jeep tie up Arundhati Roy!” he tweeted.
He also, said, in response to a comment, “We have a wide variety of choices.” It is not known what provoked the outrageous tweet; many accused him of inciting violence.

The human shield footage was among a series of videos that surfaced in Kashmir last month, showing clashes between protesters and security personnel in Kashmir. A young man was strapped to the front of an army jeep as protection from stone-throwers in the footage that was widely condemned. The army has ordered a court of inquiry.