For Salman Rushdie, Ex-Padma Lakshmi Was `Bad Investment`


Washington: Padma Lakshmi, who parted her ways with novelist Salman Rushdie after three years of their marriage, revealed that the latter thought of her as “bad investment.”

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During an interview for her new memoir, ‘ Love, Loss and What We Ate,’ the 45-year-old author said that her severe undiagnosed endometriosis, when grew more acute, left her in such chronic pain that she was bedridden and unable to have sex and that led to arguments between the couple, reports People magazine.

Padma Lakshmi feels that endometriosis was definitely a major reason for her failed marriage as she hid it to a certain degree and Rushdie took it personally and felt rejected. Despite the painful split, she says she and Rushdie are now friends.

Speaking further about the sunny-side of their relationship, the cookbook author said that she feels the ‘Midnight’s Children’ author was the best thing happened to her; “he’s like Hemingway.”

She added that they met in Central Park for their first date, and ended up in bed together. “He seduced me with his words. I was pretty hooked,” added the ‘Easy Exotic’ author.