Foodpanda Staffs Protest Against Non-Payment Of Salaries


Kolkata: Foodpanda staffs alleged payments could not be made as they had not received the correct account numbers. Few days ago staffs vandalized Salt Lake Sector Five office. Still the problems of the workers were not resolved. So on Thursday, they gathered near Chetla park to protest against arbitrary pay cuts and non-payment of salaries.

They are facing this problem not only in Kolkata but in different parts of the country. Even in Bangladesh, the situation is similar in Bangladesh. With the improvement of technology, people now get food supply at home.

They also alleged that they are not receiving even the exact amount of money. They get 4,250 rupees in a week, but they got Rs 2 instead of that. Someone complained that he only got 54 paisa. The allegation is that many people have not received one penny.

A delivery boy said, ” at first the company gave forty thousand rupees. After a little trouble, we agreed with app’s new proposal that app will give four thousands in per week. Now time has also been increased from 11 to 12 hours. But this morning many staffs did not get minimum wages. Area manager did not helped them in this matter.We were given false assurances that we would be paid the very next week, but no money has come our way yet.”