Some Food Lies & Truth Behind Them


In this modern lifestyle, we all are addicted to ready-to-eat healthy food items and even companies are keeping no stone unturned in providing us with the best of foods and beverages. But, somewhere in this vicious chain of demand, supply and competition, brands do lie and we often fall prey to them. There are many instances of food lies that brands promote and we accept them without any doubt. Today, we are going to talk about some common food lies and the actual truth behind them. Are you ready to accept?

1.Myth: Salads at restaurants are healthy

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Reality: Nothing can beat the fresh homemade fruit or veggies salad. The ones we relish at restaurants are loaded with dressings and cheese that are not at all healthy for us. Also, you are not sure if the veggies have been cleaned properly.

2. Myth: Energy bars are healthy snack option

Reality: Yes, they are good for health only when made correctly with the right nutrients. These days, the energy bars are as harmful as candy bars, as they both have an equal amount of sugar and almost negligible amount of whole grains.

3. Myth: Packaged juices have real fruits

Reality: This is the biggest lie that the brands circulate. Packaged juices contain only added preservatives and artificial sweeteners that are not at all healthy. Many of the packaged juices are as harmful as soft drinks.

4. Myth: Frozen yogurt is better than ice cream

Reality: Ice cream contains normal sugar, while frozen yogurt uses artificial sugar and flavours. If you really want to relish yogurt, go for non-fat ones and add only fresh fruits to them.

5. Myth: Banana chips are healthier than potato chips

Reality: No, they are not at all healthier, rather they are as harmful as potato chips and the credit goes to high-fat content, adulterated oil and a lot of salt and sugar used in their making.

6. Myth: Packed soups are nutritious

Reality: They don’t carry even the half of health benefits the natural homemade soups have. They are loaded with starch, sugar, artificial color and sodium that are not all nutritious.

7. Myth: Diet soda is better than regular soda

Reality: Diet sodas are loaded with artificial sugar and are sweeter than actual sugar and can turn into stored fat. Regular intake of diet soda also increases the chances of heart attack and stroke.

8. Myth: Sports drinks are healthy and non-harmful

Reality: According to reports, most sports drinks have as much as two-thirds the sugar of sodas, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), artificial flavors and coloring and all these are not at all considered healthy, rather they are harmful and may cause major health issues.

9. Myth: Low-fat milk makes you thinner

Reality: No, they are not at all helpful in weight loss. They are forfeited with high protein powder and synthetic vitamins and thus provide no help in making you thin.