Food Bank Set To Begin At Burdwan

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Burdwan: The south Damodar education and welfare society members of East Burdwan
are set to start a food bank in the district.

Amirulla Ali, secretary of the welfare society said that their society consists of
teacher and students from schools and colleges. He said that all have been moved by
the amount of food that is wasted everyday. Hence, a discussion among them was on
for several days. After the discussion, a decision was taken to set up two food
banks at Burdwan station and Birhata area. The food bank in Burdwan station will
begin from September 15.

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The secretary also said that they will put a fridge of 320 capacity in the food
bank. Anyone can place extra food in the fridge. The food should not be stale or
decomposed. Those who needs food can take it from the fridge as there lies no
restrictions. The station manager of Burdwan station Swapan Adhikari has lent out
his support to the initiative.