Follow This To Stay Warm During Sex


Winter is the worst. People who say they love the cold are out of their minds, in my opinion. Sure, fall has its moments. It’s nice when the air is crisp and the leaves are changing. But once the temperature really starts to drop it’s all over. When you’re at the point where you have to consider how to stay warm during sex… that’s when you should realize how much winter sucks, if you haven’t already figured it out.

Sex is supposed to be all about fogged car windows and throwing off the blankets in ecstasy, right? The only reason sheets are involved at all is so the movie studio can cover the important parts and still give the flick a PG-13 rating. In winter, though, as soon as you strip down, you want to grab a quilt and bundle into a burrito. I don’t know about you, but human Chipotle isn’t exactly the sexy image I aim to project in bed.

The goosebumps you get from someone kissing your neck are great. The ones that come from your naked body being totally exposed? Not so much. Unless you’re abstaining from sex until the spring, you’re probably looking for ways to stay warm during winter sex. Much like a down comforter, I’ve got you covered.

Get Some Gorgeous Candles
Candles provide ambiance and heat, so that’s two birds with one stone. Plus, you can actually buy candles that double as massage oil. This cotton candy and vanilla scented massage oil candle from Bedroom Kandi is made from all natural ingredients. Once you light it, the wax begins to melt into warm oil you can use on your partner. Talk about a multipurpose solution.

Choose Moves That Keep You Close
In the event that you’re always cold during sex, maybe it’s time to switch up your preferred moves. Especially in the winter, pick sex moves that keep you and your partner close. Try missionary with your legs wrapped around your partner, spooning sex, or the lotus position.

Take A Steamy Shower Or Hot Bath
Whether you’re into shower sex or you prefer a romantic bath before getting it on, steaming up the room in more ways than one is guaranteed to keep you and your partner from getting cold. Feel free to use bath bombs and make it a bubble bath, and incorporate wine or Champagne to warm you up and make you feel extra good.Bundle Up Under Blankets
Keeping your socks on can actually make it easier to orgasm, according to a study done by researchers at the University of Groningen. To keep the rest of you warm, consider buying a new blanket. Quality bedding can make all the difference in the bedroom. Plus, hooking up under the covers can feel more intimate. This quilted fleece blanket from Cuddledown comes in three soft and cozy sizes.Your sex life shouldn’t suffer just because winter blows. Use these tips to keep warm and you’ll be all set in the bedroom (or wherever else you choose to get it on).