Flu-Like Symptoms, Third Patients Admitted To ID Hospital

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Kolkata: A contractual labourer named Rajesh Mondal who went to kerala for work before some days, is admitted to Beliaghata ID Hospital with fever on Tuesday.

Mondal is a contractual labourer from Domkal in Murshidabad. He has been kept in the isolation ward of the hospital with flu like symptoms.

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Rajesh Mondal is the third patient to get admitted to Beliaghata ID Hospital with similar symptoms . Asif Mondal, another resident from Murshidabad was admitted to the hospital on Monday. Asif had been suffering from fever for the past 20 days.

The state Health department has, however, confirmed that first victim, Safiqul Haq was not suffering from Nipah. In case of the other two, the hospital authorities and health department are yet to confirm the cause of their fever.

The health department has already issued alert to all the hospitals across the state asking them to report if any suspected case is found. The doctors advised people to avoid fruits that are pricked birds or animals, wash hands if anybody comes in contact with animals.

People are also advised to wear masks and gloves and take adequate care to stop coming in contact with body fluids if one is caring for patients. Using N95 mask is also advisable if someone is travelling or working in infected public places.