Floatel Manager Missing Case: Forensic Team Arrives


Kolkata: Floatel general manager Arindam Bose, who fell from a launch during picnic in the Ganga on Saturday afternoon, is still missing even as the rescuers searched the water body during whole day. Finally the forensic team arrives and starts investigation.

As a joint team of West Port police and the homicide squad of the detective department carried out a search operation at the launch from which the executive director of Floatel, Arindam Bose (42), had gone missing on Saturday.

The investigating team also made some seizures from the launch but the search for the missing executive drew another blank.

Port division police said that they have recorded the statements of five persons so far, who had been present on the launch from which Bose fell off. “So far we have not found any discrepancies. All of them maintained that the victim had gone to the toilet located on the opposite side of the area where they were standing and he might have fallen off once he came out of the toilet. They said none saw him falling,” said an officer.

Cops said they record the statement of the motorman, who was closest to the spot from which Bose fell and was the first to raise alarm. The cops said part of the probe will also establish if there was any negligence on the part of the cabin crew.

The Bose family had cried foul play and lodged a murder complaint on Sunday. Over 22 hours of search operation by 12 police divers over three days proved futile so far. While Floatel management lodged a missing diary, Bose’s wife lodged a murder complaint on Sunday.