Flamming controversy, Mukul to meet Modi


Kolkata/New Delhi: Modi fever grips the former rail minister Mukul Roy. Mukul Roy praised Modi for his speech in Lok sabha on Friday. He said that Modi has delivered a well orchestrated and impressive speech. Mukul said that he will personally meet Modi to say thanks for such an inspirational speech.

As per the reports, Mukul will meet Modi before TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee’s meeting with the PM. Mamata had earlier said that she will personally meet and will request PM Modi to waive the debt inherited by Bengal from the previous government.

Sources from the PMO said that Modi-Mukul meeting might be held before the PM’s foreign tour Scheduled from March 11 to March 15.
After relations went bitter between Mukul and Mamata, many are speculating that the Modi-Mukul meet is indicating Mukul’s tilt towards the saffron party.