Five roles Priyanka Chopra would totally rock


Mumbai: So ABC has cleared six more episodes for Quantico, which has been making waves in the US and with Indians the world over. The show with its cliches and some predictability, has been receiving thumbs up from critics and viewers, thanks to Priyanka Chopra’s ‘breakout’ performance.

Most media there have been gushing about PeeCee, we think she’s never looked hotter, fitter and fabulouser.

Given how she has been kicking butt with her fine form, we pick five characters she could totally rock:

   1. Cat Woman

Think feline grace, athletic body, a touch of the exotic and you get PeeCee fitting into the role of CatWoman to the T. Oh ya, and as she has proved with some many characters in her film career, she can do evil as convincingly as well.

    2. Storm

Ability to fly? Check. Ability to wreak havoc by controlling the weather? Check. Ability to lead a pack of men with big egos but bigger superpowers? Check. A natural born leader with spunk and sass? Check. Ability to look as hot and formidable as Halle Berry? Double check that and more.

    3. Bond Girl

Well, well, we can totally see PeeCee emerging from the ocean in a hot pink or smoking white bikini to score a ten on ten. Yes, her recent music video with Pitt Bull may not have been talked about for her singing skills, but we are huge fans of that perfect bikini bod that could be a lethal weapon when need be. Seductive, secretive, charming, exotic and dangerous – what more could 007 as for?

    4. Rani Laxmibai

Now, we know it is Deepika Padukone who has been stringing her bows and wielding her sword with elan in the upcoming Bajirao Mastani. But we are convinced PeeCee would do a swell job as the legendary legendary Maratha princess, riding a horse in a saree and beheading a few baddies. Mommy, warrior, princess… you go girl!

    5.  Danerys Targaryen

Mother of dragons, incredible collar bones, a killer wardrobe and boots to die for. We can totally see PeeCee sitting on that throne with armies of powerful men genuflecting at her feet. While we are at it, we don’t mind luscious blond tresses on her too.

Source: Yahooinmovies

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