Five Megapixel Cameras For Kolkata Traffic Police


Kolkata: Kolkata police is upgrading its technology, and managing traffic is getting its much needed importance in it. In an important decision, all the new 500 CCTVs being installed in the city, the cops are replacing the 2 megapixel cameras with the more powerful 5 megapixel cameras.

Sources said that the decision comes from the understanding that while CCTV cameras are very useful evidence, hazy videos often ruin not only the probe but the chance to ensure conviction of the accused.

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“At present, both types of cameras will be used. But from now on, we will try to replace as many 2 megapixel cameras with 5 megapixel ones,” said DC (traffic) Solomon V Nesakumar. Places which witness heavy law and order deployment will be the first ones to be covered with the new cameras.

The police logic is simple. They claim such cameras would help in reading the number plates even during peak traffic making zooming easier. Similarly the cops can build a bank of footages of real time violators who can be better prosecuted as recording violations will get more clarity. But there is also another reason – cops are looking to use them at the law and order problem.

At present there are 2 mega pixel cameras installed at most of the crucial intersection but officers of the city’s traffic police realized that better quality video footages are required for better detection of crime and to keep a watch on a situation that may lead to law and order trouble. As a result, steps have been taken to bring major part of the city under surveillance of 5 mega pixel cameras replacing the existing 2 mega pixel ones.

“The exact areas where 5 mega pixel cameras will be put up have been identified and the tenders have already been floated. Esplanade will be the first to use these cameras,” said an officer.

Lalbazar sources later hinted that this was only a part of the modernization programme that was introduced recently. Besides the 50 new drones and 500 new CCTV cameras for which the tenders have already been placed, the police are also buying a number of speed guns and cameras that can read number plates even at night.

The city police has 1200 CCTVs (in arrangement with private partners). The cops said they were planning to double this number. “Last year, whether it was the Red Road accident or the kidnap-and-murder of a 12-year-old at Dalhousie, CCTV footage played a key role,” said a detective department officer.

The traffic police want to take it a step further by enabling the cameras to zoom in on to number plates. “This system will not only capture the registration number of a vehicle but also dig out details of the owner from the database and find the exact place of offence with latitude and longitude coordinates,” said an officer.