Fitoor’s Hair Cost 55 Lakh, Kat Says Baseless


Mumbai:  Actress Katrina Kaif decline the rumours of the cost of her hair colour which she sports in Fitoor is Rs 55 Lakhs. According to the actress it was director’s idea of hair style and colour in the film which has a ‘symbolic connection’.

“I don’t even think that’s possible, even if you want to. It is a kind of slightly sensationalised piece of news that comes out and gets highlighted, which turns out to be baseless,” Katrina told IANS. “We took a lot of pictures and discussed once we had locked in on the hair colour, and then just took one day to do it and shot the whole film in three to four months. Then I dyed the colour back, and it was black again,” she added.

Fitoor is an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations and also stars Aditya Roy Kapur which will release on February 12.