Fishermen Demands ‘Navigation Channel’

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Kanthi: A Fishery organisation has raised their voice to fix the waterway route or navigation channel for trollers. Often the trollers are missing in the midst of sea. The decision will follow a less chance of accident. Small scale fishermen have alleged that, maximum troller is using GPS system as a security measure in the midst of sea. Reportedly, installation of GPS system has become more prone to accident.

Very often it is facing accident. Few trollers are missing from Haripur in Kanthi on a clash with another troller. Nobody has been injured the acident.

দুর্ঘটনা রুখতে গভীর সমুদ্রে নেভিগেশন চ্যানেল দাবি মৎসজীবীদের

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Fishermen claimed that, the detailed information regarding the name, speed and the destination have to be mentioned in the machine. So the troller runs automatically after this. If anything comes between the journey of trollers that will be clueless to find. The daylight helps to trace the missing trollers bt in night time it is hard to get a clue to find.

Department of Fishery has taken a decision to fix a waterway route for trollers. This will reduce the probablity of accident as it will avoid the navigation route.