Fisheries Dept To Set Up Guest Houses In Sunderbans


Kolkata: The Bengal Fisheries Department has set up plans to open guest houses in Vellore (in Tamil Nadu), Delhi and the Sunderbans.

The guest houses would have affordable pricing, both for rooms and food. For food, good quality fish dishes would be available. Facilities would also be there to buy raw fish at these guest houses.

Similar guest houses managed by Benfish, the apex body of all the primary fishermen’s co-operative societies in the State, and which is a part of the department, are located across Bengal and in Puri, a popular tourist spot for people from Bengal, as well.

Another initiative of the Fisheries Department is doing well. The Benfish-run ‘Ekushe Annapurna’ mobile lunch vans are doing good business in Kolkata. They also did well during Durga Puja, when they were stationed near some of the popular pandals. These are already popular in the districts.

The latest initiative of establishing the guest houses in other states is an aim to let people experience the quality and affordability of food from Benfish.