‘Fish Fish’ attempts to bring back the ‘Fish-culture’ of Bengalis

Pic-Mitul Das

Kolkata: ‘Fish Fish’, a popular restaurant located at South Kolkata, is trying to bring back the delicacies of Indian fish-cuisines of Bengal to the dining table of the generation of Bongs. Mourola, Puti, Bele, the fish(es) which are no longer are a common feature in our menu, mainly due to Global Warming, rise of use of pesticides and the perils of pisciculture, ‘Fish Fish’ makes an attempt to revive them back with a renewed taste.

‘Fish Fish’ is attempting to bring back the flavours through the “Harie Jawa Machher Utsab” in its quintessential manner of Bangaliana and brings a celebration of the old flavours of fish delicacies from the Bengali households that have conquered time.

In accordance with the celebration of the Bengali New Year, the new menu will run from April 14 to April 30 and hold in its cusp a host of traditional and unique Bengali fish cuisines that are a must try in this season of festivity.

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