Fish Demand In High In Kolkata Over Meat Racket


Kolkata: The sale of fish has increased by at least 30 to 40 per cent. The scare over rotten meat supply from dump-yards has led to an increase in the demand for fish among people here. Across the city, meat traders are experiencing a slump in their businesses over the past few days.

The police last week busted a racket involved in supplying decomposed meat from dumping grounds of the city to restaurants in and around the city. They seized nearly 20 tonne of rotten meat, meant to be supplied to restaurants, from a cold storage in central Kolkata.

According to an association of meat traders, the consumption of chicken per week in the state is around 2.20 crore kg, followed by beef at nearly 6 lakh kg, mutton at around 5 lakh kg and pork at 1 lakh kg per week.

Nearly 60 per cent of the meat that is sold at the market goes to restaurants and eateries while individual consumers account for 40 per cent, he said. Several top restaurants of Kolkata in and around the city have agreed there has been a drastic fall in demand of chicken and meat items with customers opting for fish and vegetarian items.