Fish Bhog Offered To Ma Tara On Kaushiki Amavasya


Tarapith: It is believed that Ma Tara herself resides in Tarapith. For this reason,
followers assemble here from different places to worship Goddess Tara and seek
blessings. Puja is performed by following all rituals. On the occasion of Kaushiki
Amavasya, puja is performed with great fervour. People gather in huge numbers at
the Mandir on this auspicious day, which is today or Saturday.

It is said that Goddess Tara is above all. So no idols of Goddess Durga or Kali is
made or worshipped in the temple or any adjoining area to the temple. There is no
‘Baroari puja’ or family puja in the area. On Kalipuja, Goddess Tara is worshipped
in ‘Tara’ avataar only.

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On the occasion of Kaushiki Amavasya, royal arrangements for ‘bhog’ or special
prasad are made. Three types of rice ‘bhog’ are offered in the morning. It consists
of polau, khichdi and plain rice along with five types of fries, three types of
vegetarian items, Katla fish, Rui fish and other fishes for Ma Tara. It also
consists of payesh, chutney, curd and five types of sweets.

Khichdi is arranged at night. Almost 1.5 quintals of rice and pulses are prepared
10 big pots. Along with khichdi are given five types of fries like karala, bringal,
etc and vegetarian items. Along with the temple authorities, the followers also
give bhog including vegetables, fishes and meat.

The bhog for Tarapith temple are prepared generation-wise by a family living in a
village in the south under the Mayureshwar police station.

According to mythological history, saint Bamakhyapa attained success at the
Tarapith cemetery on this special tithi of Kaushiki Amavasya. Since this day, this
day has been celebrated as he attained success in Tantrik Sadhana.