For The First Time, Question Papers Will Have Bar Codes


Kolkata: Over 8.5 lakh students from across the State will be appearing for the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination, which begins on Tuesday.

Students won’t be allowed to enter or leave the venue during the duration of the exam. Students are expected to be in their seats 30 minutes before the start of the exam. Answer sheets will be handed over 20 minutes in advance and the question paper 10 minutes before the exam begins at 11 a.m.

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The new rules are recommended by West Bengal Council Of Higher Secondary Education Board. “For the first time, question papers will have ‘Bar Codes’. Team of special observer must be there in the sensitive zone with the help of zonal head and venue superviser,” council president Mohua Das said. Special Observer Team being provided in tparticular of those 150 sensitive venues

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Special observer will be posted in exam center. Barcode will be provided in question papers. Special security zone will be done with videography. Manual tracking will be provided.
The question paper bundles will be opened only at the respective exam halls and not at a common place at the exam centre.“By opening the question papers only in the exam hall, the possibility of the paper being leaked by staff members will be eliminated.”

On the contrary three Invigilator will be posted in exam hall, one of them would be Special Invigilator who will look after the matter of using mobile phones in the centre. Meanwhile, ID card is being issued for the Venue Supervisor in the venue.

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Flying squads have been formed to prevent malpractice in exams. The West Bengal Higher Secondary Council on Saturday laid down five commandments, violating which can lead to the cancelling of HS examinations (Class XII) of a candidate. The five rules will be sent to the venue supervisors, invigilators and head examiners. A format of complaint has also been drawn up by the council.

The ‘don’ts’ include carrying mobiles inside the exam centre, misbehaving with invigilators or anyone associated with the examination, going on rampage inside the venue, cheating and not submitting the answer script.