First Time In The State, Prostitutes Enlisted Their Names In Voter List


Bardhaman: First time in the state, prostitutes got first chance to enlist their names in voter list. The incident happened in East Bardhaman. The Central Election Commission’s slogan has already said, “No voter is left out.” And with that goal, the job of joining prostitutes in the voter’s list starting from Monday.

Additional District Magistrate (General) Arindam Negi said that on the first day, 65 prostitutes have been filled the form in Mahajantuli area of ​​East Burdwan town. Then their hearing will be done. If they adults and Indian citizens, then their names will be listed in the electoral roll. He said that a voluntary organization called Speed ​​is supported in this work.

The District Health Department along with the district election office also came forward to help to enlist their name on the camp at Mahajanotuli.

On this day, a sex worker said, ‘Many times, they done good work from behind for the welfare of the country. But they are deprived of the government’s minimum number of facilities. They will really benefit if the government comes forward to enlist their name in this voter list. Many times their children have to face many problems because they do not have names on the voters list.

Additional District Magistrate said that after enlist their names on voters list, Aadhaar card will also be made for them. Bangladeshi infiltrators will also be identified in this work.