First Time, BJP Forms Panchayat Board In Birbhum


Suri: First time, BJP setting up Panchayat board in Birbhum. BJP has grabbed Mallarpur-1 Gram Panchayat on Monday. BJP had given ticket to woman candidate and won the seat. Tanushri Let is the new Pradhan and The deputy Pradhan is the Samir Lohar.

The worst violence was reported in Birbhum. Oppositions repeatedly alleged that in all Panchayats of Birbhum district, they could not provide candidate, but they fight hard for Mallarpur Gram Panchayat. The BJP claimed that the ruling party could not occupy Mallarpur number 1 Panchayat during the voting. BJP have won nine seats and TMC have won 4 seats among 13 seats.

The board was formed on Monday afternoon. But during the voting time, four members of the Trinamool were absent. After the formation of the board, Tonusri Let was elected the Pradhan. BJP’s Mayureshwar-1 block vice-president Jay Shankar Sinha said, “We have been able to grab the panchayat for the first time with many struggles.” . In the coming days, our goal will be to stand beside poor people. On the other hand, newly elected Pradhan Tanushree Let said, “I will always try to stay with the people. We will work for the people.