Firhad Held secret Meeting At Sujit’s Residence To Remove ‘Mukul Loyalist’ Sabyasachi


Kolkata: A meeting between BJP leader Mukul Roy and Bidhannagar mayor Sabyasachi Dutta at the latter’s residence has fueled speculation that the TMC leader might cross over to the saffron party ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.

After that meeting, Mayor Firhad hakim held a secret meeting at Sujit Basu’s residence to ouster Bidhannagar chairman Sabyasachi Dutta from the party. According to sources, Mamata Banerjee was very upset upon him.

That meeting started on Saturday night. All the grassroots councilors of Bidhannagar municipality are present in this closed-door meeting. The meeting is significant because Roy had once been Dutta’s mentor and the two have claimed to not have had contact since Roy got into the BJP. Moreover, Dutta holds considerable sway over Dum Dum and Barasat Lok Sabha constituencies adjacent to Kolkata.

Sabyasachi Dutta proposed to be a BJP candidate in the Barasat Lok Sabha constituency, sources said. Dutta, an MLA from Rajarhat New Town, was at the centre of the BJP’s campaign against the TMC ahead of the 2016 Assembly polls.