Firecracker Market Shifts Venue To Vivekananda Park


Kolkata: Good news for the fire crackers seller. The main firecrackers market in Kolkata, which has been held annually at Maidan since 1995, has been shifted to a new venue after the organizers failed to obtain permission from the Army for usage of the grounds.

Vivekananda Park is very small from the Maidan. Many people are not able to open shop due to lack of space. There will be a total of 42 stalls. Only 10 seller will not able to give stall.

Babla Roy, chairman of Sara Bangla Fireworks Development Society, told that those who did not get the place in Vivekananda Park were give another place to give stall. One businessman said, “In this short period, many people will not be able to know about the change of place. As a result, our estimates will affect this year’s sale.

Stall construction work has been started since getting news. In addition to Vivekananda Park, Baji Bazar is being organized in Tala Park, Jadavpur, Bijaynagar and Behala.

The firecrackers market is scheduled to start on November 1 and continue till November 7. However, due to the change of venue, organizers feel there could be a delay.

Reported By- Soyeta Bhattacharya

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee