Fire Service Minister Makes Surprise Visit For Fire Audit At Shopping Mall


Kolkata: Fire Services minister paid a surprise visit to a shopping mall in Kankurgachi on Monday.

The minister inspected the fire extinguishing arrangements, the kitchen. However, he expressed disappointment over the structure and said that necessary steps will be taken against the mall if proper steps are not taken.The fire audit began from Monday morning in different malls, offices in the city.  Fire auditing was done in 23 Bhawans as per the fire services.

In the fire audit, fire services minister Sujit Bose, DG fire Jagmohan and other officials were there. After inspection, Bose said, “The fire department wants to make the city accident free. Being aware after a fire breaks out will not help. Prior to that, it must be seen if the fire extinguishing systems are working properly or not. The equipments of the mall are not functioning properly. So they will be issued a notice. If they do not take any proper step, legal actions will be taken.”As per fire services, within the next one month, fire audit will be done at 100 places in the city. The number will reach 200 within the March. It is being known that under the leadership of OC fire station, the particular police, municipality, puranigam and electricity producing company workers, 24 committees will be set up. They will do the work of fire audit and submit their report.