Fire Officials Working Every Minute Under Special Lights


Kolkata: The fire is yet to be doused even though 15 hours have passed by. The fire
service officials are working like a war-like situation to bring the fire under
control. On the other hand, sunlight seems to have faded away as evening prevails.
As a result, the officials are finding it difficult to douse the flames.

To solve it, special arrangement for lights have been made. Lights have been put up
at several parts around the Bagri market. The work is underway using these lights.
The entire night the operation will be carried out as said by the fire service.

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On the other hand, sounds of explosion are stil there. Fire sparks are emerging
from new parts of the building. The fire service people are finding it difficult to
manage the work. A lot of time is needed to bring it under control, as is being

30 fire tenders have been pressed into service. If needed, more tenders will be
brought in, as assured by the fire service officials.