Fire Mars Puja Frenzy, Pandal Destroyed


Kolkata: The puja frenzy has been eclipsed by a fire accident on the very day of Maha Panchami in West Bengal’s Behala area as a major fire broke out at a puja pandal reducing the structure to ashes.

As per reports, fire engulfed the Ever Green Club puja pandal in Behala’s Shakuntala Park area around 04:00 pm on Sunday. Fire brigade rushed two engines to fight the blazing flames.

Although no one is injured in the incident the fire reduced the pandal to ashes and destroyed the durga idol. The reason for the fire is still not clear but a short circuit is held responsible in preliminary investigation.

The incident made a mockery of the much vaunted fire safety measure initiated by the Mamata government. Locals complained that despite being informed in time fire brigade arrived late. The incident also raised questions on the fire safety measures in the puja pandals.

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