Fire Engulfed 50 Years Old Hindu Deities Poster Manufacturing Company


Kolkata: Nobody can change the destiny of people, Bagri market incident providing such background after 48 hours of the incident. Crown Pictures Mehers, a 50 years old Hindu Goddesses poster manufacturing company has entirely burnt in Bagri market fire.

Akash Kothar, who presently runs his ancestors shop, has rushed to the spot after receiving the information on Saturday morning. Their shop was in the extreme corner of second floor.

Akash said, “I saw fire brigade trying to enter inside. Fire did not spread the place till that time. I expected that they will be able to put off the fire till before covering the entire floor.”

But all the calculation proved wrong. Fire fighter could not enter the biulding in ten hours. Most of the shop had burnt till that time. After winessing all these Akash said that, “I started to convince myself that it was our destiny and nobody can change that. I am so close to Maa Durga, Guru Nanak, We always stay with them. Nobody could not help us.”

he was only staring to the fire helplessly and said that greed can destroy people. On the other hand he questioned the role of fire fighters.


Reported By: Souptik Banerjee

Edited By: Susmita Das