Fire comes to control at New Secretariat Building

Pic-Mitul Das

Mayor Shovan Chatterjee: The fire fighters are trying their best to put out the fire. The personnels have arrested the source of fire. We have arranged for ample water supplies.FIRE-BABUGHAT-01

Fire Minister Javed Khan: It is heard that the fire broke out from an air condition machine. We are trying our best to bring the fire under control.

1:00 pm: Flames have come to control. The smoke hovers around the area. The sky lifts brought could not be used for infrastructural difficulties. Strand Road comes to a stand still due to the fire. Fire was tried to put off by climbing on to the SBI building which is located beside the New Secretariat. Due to less passage, the fire engines could not reach the source spot of the fire. At last they had to break the tiles and enter to carry on the extinguishing work.

11:55 am: Police Commissioner Surajit Kar PuraKayastha reaches the New Secretariat Building. Panchayat Minister Subrata Mukherjee already at the spot. CM Mamata Banerjee to reach the spot.

Update  at 11.30 am: The fire fighters are using sky-ladders to bring the fire under control.The areas is completey covered with smoke. The real cause of the fire is yet unknown. Minister Javed Khan is on his way to the spot. Subrata Mukherjee, the Panchayat Minister has alsi showed concerns about the event. The fire fighter personnels claim that everyone has been rescued. The building is completeyly evacuated. Electricity has been ripped off from the building to prevent the spread of fire. The flames are located at the seventh floor. Minister Subrata Mukherjee’s office is located at this particular floor.


Kolkata: Fire breaks out at New Secretariat Building, 20 fire engines have reached the spot to bring the fire under control. According to he locals, the flames were seen coming out of the 8th and ninth floor of the building. The fire fighters and the disaster management team has also made its way to the spot. They are carrying out the rescue operation in the area. The fire personnels are tying to enter the building using ladders and fifferent gateways.secretariat

The New Secretariat Building is known for being an important hub for the State department. The fire is surely to have destroyed many important documents and papers. But the prime focus of the fire fighters are now laid on freeing the persons trapped in the building

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