Fire Breaks Out At Kasba


Kolkata: Panic has spread in the Kasba area after a fine broke out at a house near Kasba old police station. As per sources, a lot of electrical equipment were present in the house.

According to a witness, “We were near this house. Suddenly a burnt smell spread in the area. First we had no clue as to where was the smell coming from. After this, we saw black smoke coming from this house. The smoke was thick. After this, the fire services were informed.”

Three fire tenders have been pressed into service, The cause of fire is yet to be ascertained.

The fire services are trying to douse the flames. It is being said that a person by the name Tarak Dutta used to keep electrical equipment in this house for 20 years. His son rushed to the area soon after getting news of the fire.

 Swarup Dutta, son of Sonarpur’s Tarak Dutta said, “We kept our things according to rules. There was no electricity in the house. We have no clue how did the fire break out. I want an investigation of this incident. It must be investigated whether there is any conspiracy behind it.”

The locals informed that Tarak’s brother used to burn some wastes in front of the house for few days. On asking him, he said that he used to do this for cleaning purposes. The locals have also alleged that some unsocial work goes on in this area.