Resort Lockdown: MLAs Refuse To Leave

  • Palanniswamy is in the resort to take signatures of 120 MLAs.
  • We are not forced to stay in the Golden Bay resort. We are all staying in our rooms: Sasikala loyalists
  • MLAs refuse to leave resort until Governor asks them to, as per reports.
  • The two (Sasikala, Palaniswamy) were booked under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) pertaining to abduction and wrongful confinement.
  • If MLAs refuse to come out by 3pm, then the police might forcefully evict them !
  • Does the police have the right to act on the basis of one MLA against another? Reports suggest that they do have the right to go in and investigate as long as a formal complaint has been lodged.
  • MLAs are saying that they are not kept under pressure or kidnapped unlike MLA Saravanan.
  • 500 policemen called in who has reportedly stormed into the resort. Is police under pressure ?
  • Police to MLAs: Leave Resort by 3 PM. Hence police gives a deadline to vacate the resort.
  • Lot of police movement in place. Will there be forceful removal ? Will there be scuffle ? Question arises.

Update: Police enters Golden Bay Resort. Police locks down the resort. Special commandos from TN force have reached the spot.

Chennai: An FIR has been lodged against Sasikala, Palaniswamy by AIADMK Madurai MLA Saravanan for abduction. The cops have reached the Golden Bay resort after the FIR.

He said,” I was kidnapped and was kept hostage in the Golden Bay Resort. I scaled resort wall to escape.”

Some allege that they were forcefully kept in the resort and tried fleeing. Probe on for such allegations. 50 member team of TN police at the resort to investigate.

Inbadurai, AIADMK MLA said, “Police asked if we had kept him hostage. We showed where he was staying.”

More than 120 MLAs are reportedly at the resort at present.

As she headed to jail in Bengaluru for corruption, VK Sasikala faced another charge today. She has been reported to the police for kidnapping by a lawmaker who claims to have “escaped” from the luxury resort where MLAs backing Ms Sasikala have camped for days. SS Saravanan, who pledged support for Ms Sasikala’s challenger O Panneerselvam yesterday, said that he climbed the walls of Golden Bay resort and ran away in a T-shirt and “Bermuda shorts” as his “disguise”.

To investigate his allegation, a police team led by a senior officer has arrived at the heavily-guarded resort 80 km from Chennai.

“The police questioned us and asked if we had forcibly made MLA Saravanan to stay at the resort. We showed the cops the room he stayed in. His claims are not true,” said a lawmaker, IS Inbadurai.

He accused Mr Saravanan of filing the police complaint as an afterthought to create political instability.

Mr Inbadurai said Mr Saravanan was the one who had denied being forced to stay at the resort when the police had last questioned the lawmakers to submit a court reply.