Fines And Prison Term For Damaging Property In J-K


Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Governor NN Vohra has promulgated an ordinance making persons calling for strikes or demonstrations, which lead to damage of public property, liable for fines and imprisonment up to five years, an official spokesperson said on Friday.

The Jammu and Kashmir Public Property (Prevention of Damage) (Amendment) Ordinance, 2017 amends the existing law relating to damage to public property and comes into effect immediately.

“It will more effectively discourage/prevent the deleterious activities of individuals/organisations which result in damage to public and private properties,” said a statement.

This ordinance, the spokesperson said, has been enacted to achieve the twin objectives of making such acts punishable and of making any person calling for direct action liable for abetment of such offence.

Whoever announces direct action in the form of strikes, demonstrations or other public forms of protests which result in damage to public as well as private property can be punished with imprisonment for a period of two to five years and can be imposed a fine equivalent to the market value of the property damaged or destroyed.

Moreover, the scope of the existing law which was earlier restricted to public property — primarily government property or property owned by government entities — has been enlarged to include private property.