Find Out What You Might Do Wrong In Bed


An online survey was recently carried out in an attempt to find out more about modern relationships.

Questioning 5,000 adults, Forktip asked male and female participants to reveal their bedroom frustrations.

শারীরিক মিলনের পর মহিলারা এই তিনটি জিনিস করতে ভুলবেন না

It turns out, premature release and small penis size were the biggest turn offs for women.
The study also revealed that the mood could also be ruined by different sex positions and sounds partners make while having sex.

According to the women surveyed, making weird noises and changing positions too frequently was undesirable as well.

সঙ্গী বিছানায় একেবারে অভিজ্ঞ, কী করে বুঝবেন জেনে নিন?

On the other hand, men were more interested on the physical aspects of their sexual partners.

The poll showed that many were put off by a lack of curves in the boobs and bum departments while others admitted that getting jiggy with someone who is “too loose” can ruin their enjoyment.

যৌন মিলনের আগে মাদক নেওয়া উচিত কি? জেনে নিন সত্যিটা

Men too noted that too much noise was a turn off. Interestingly, couples admitted that toys, anal sex, dirty talk and BDSM all helped to keep the fire alive in the bedroom.