Financial Corruption Involves TMC, 7 Arrested


Cooch Behar: Seven people accused of financial corruption in municipality have been arrested from Cooch Behar.

All the alleged persons are the leaders of Trinamool-Congress. Three of them are the engineers of Cooch Behar municipality.

One of the main persons related to the incident former chairperson of TMC in Cooch Behar Minicipality Reba Kundu. His son Shubhajit Kundu is the main accused in this case.

পুরসভায় আর্থিক দুর্নীতিতে অভিযুক্ত তৃণমূল, গ্রেফতার সাত

Both are out of reach right now. Police is trying to trace them as early as possible.

On Monday, the protesters gathered in the municipal premises with full support. The municipality is closed for today.