Film Stunt Goes Wrong, 2 ‘Villains’ Feared Dead


Bengaluru: Kannada actors Anil,Uday feared dead as stunt goes wrong while shooting film Mastigudi on outskirts of Bengaluru. Duniya Vijay safe in This accident.

Two Kannada actors are believed to have died after jumping from a helicopter into a river while shooting at dam in Karnataka around 35 km from capital Bengaluru.

The actors were shooting for the film “Masthigudi”. They have been missing since they jumped into the waters from a helicopter.

A popular actor, Duniya Vijay, who also jumped with them, was saved. Anil and Uday, the stuntmen, did not surface and a search is on for them.

Police sources say a criminal case may be made out against the filmmakers as there wasn’t enough security in place.